Parents – Get Involved 

The Parents Resource Page would like to offer you opportunities for you to become fully involved and engaged in your student’s academic, athletic and social involvement.  Many of the current O’B Parents are fully involved and welcome NEW! parent involvement.

The O’Bryant offers so much to our students that we wanted to be sure you know there are many ways to recognize the O’Bryant by donating and giving back.

Here are some easy ways to get involved and get to know your student’s school, meet your student’s teachers, and meet parents from across the city.  Your participation contributes to a very rewarding educational experience for you and your student.

1) Get Involved in Your Student’s Classroom

2) Join School Councils and/or Volunteer to Help with Activities

Join the School Councils

·        School Parent Council

o   Multiple Committees are available to join

·        School Site Council

·        City-Wide Parent Council

3)  Sign-Up for the O’Bryant School Parent Council  Google Group and

     Send Emails as follows:

4) Attend Sports, Music, and School Events.

5) Attend the Parent-Teacher Conference Days

  •  Meet your student’s teachers in person and get to know your student’s classroom experience
  • The conference dates are listed on the School Calendar and information is distributed from the school via School Messenger and the Parent Council Google group.

6) Multiple Ways to Donate $$ and Give Back to Our Students

  • Purchase O’Bryant Gear:  – Buy our fabulous Tiger! Wear– ALL profits go back to  the school to benefit the student
  • Contribute to the O’Bryant’s Annual Appeal:

7) Other Opportunities:

A. Register your Stop & Shop Rewards card for the S&S A+ Rewards Program

Earn money for the O’Bryant while you shop!

Stop & Shop has an A+ Program that allows customers to designate up to two schools to earn A+ reward points each time they use their Stop & Shop cards. These points are then later converted into cash rewards for the school.

To participate in this program and help raise funds for the O’Bryant:

  • Obtain the 13-digit number on the back of your Stop & Shop card. If you do not currently have a card, you can register for one online or in the store.
  • Beginning 9/12/16, visit and select “register your card” located in the red box on the right side of the screen. Follow the prompts to complete your registration.
  • The code for the O’Bryant is 07310.

Although you can register your card anytime, the opportunity to register for the A+ Program has a limited window (mid-September to mid-October). Please consider participating in this valuable program and supporting the O’Bryant.

This will not conflict with the gas rewards program at Stop & Shop.

This program is available for Peapod customers as well.  You can register your card on your Peapod account.

If you have additional questions about the program, please call the A+ School Rewards Hotline at 1-877-275-2758.

Thank you for supporting the O’B!!

B.  BoxTops color.pdf

C.  BJ’s BoxTops – Contest ends September 6, 2016

D.  Volunteer Opportunities

E.  Sporting Events and Banquet

F.  Library Donations – DONATE BOOKS to the O’B Library!

School librarian, Jane Ichord, has a wish list on Funds4Books.comBuy a book and donate it to the library or donate money and let Ms. Ichord choose the book.  Go to and type dcce in the code box.  

Thank you!