Our 2019 Middle school cross country team defended their title. We are very please with the veteran runners who work out very hard to keep their title.

Our girls division – Tanisha Belizaire who the girls division at a time of 6:56.37. She out ran her teammate Arianna Anderson who came in 2nd place at a time of 7:04.67. Jasmine Daycox took the fifth place ( time of 8:06.14) while Aiyanna Diaz (a 7th grader) took fourth place(7:46.05). Jasmine Lakhdar placed 15 with a time of 8:52.74 and Aaliyah Hernandez finished 49th place of a time of 10:21.29. The girls overall score was 28pts.
Our boys division, Brandon Douglas took 3rd place with a time of 5:47.32, Kevin Jarma took 5th with a time of 6:05.15, while his teammate Tiago Figueiredo took 6th place on a time of 6:07.65. Lenier Pichardo place 10th of a time of 6:16.89, sealing the boys 4th straight championship. The boys overall score was 36pts. Other members of the team.
Alan Garcia Hernandez – 12 place
Caiden Collier – 16 place
Robert Nunes –  22 place
Simon Andrade – 28 place
Inmer Palma – 36 place
Xzavien Larrama – 37 place 
Luciano Cincotti – 48 place
Renan DeSouza – 83 place
There were 188 runners in the boys division, in the girls division there were 142 runners.
Our coed relay team won 1st place with a time of 2:01.0
IMG 5103IMG 1162IMG 1168IMG 1161IMG 1169IMG 1160IMG 1167IMG 1165IMG 5119IMG 1164IMG 1170IMG 5117IMG 1163IMG 5116IMG 5114IMG 5113IMG 1195IMG 5112IMG 5111IMG 5110IMG 5109IMG 5108IMG 5115IMG 5105IMG 5104IMG 1204IMG 1198IMG 5100IMG 1205Tanisha Belizaire, Girls Winner