Students will take final exams on Tuesday, June 19 – Thursday, June 22. Two exams are schedule per day for two periods each. The other periods are study periods.
Note: On Wednesday June 21, high school students may attend a different lunch than usual. Lunch on that day is based on sixth period instead of 4th period. Please see page two of the attachment. This is not a lunch duty schedule; instead, it is a schedule outlining which period 6 teachers’ classes have lunch at what time and in which cafeteria. Please keep reminding your students of the lunch schedule for Wednesday.
On Thursday, June 22, high school students will clean out their lockers. Middle school students will clean out their lockers on Monday, June 25. A schedule is forthcoming. Students should not clean out lockers before this time. During locker clean out, homeroom teachers will sign off that students have emptied lockers. 
Reach out with any questions.
Final Exam Schedule June 2018