We are ready to begin the second semester of our school year. The beginning of the second semester seems like a good time to remind everyone of a few key practices that support teaching and learning. As always, we ask for your help in getting your students here on time every day—even a few minutes or a couple of days missed from a class add up to a real loss of instructional time for your students. Please help students get out the door and to school on time. On February 8, 2019, students will receive their term 2 report cards. We encourage you to discuss grades with your student and refocus on some goals for this semester. Homeroom Updates Please take a moment to discuss the importance of attending school with students. Students have 7 school days to submit a note after an absence, but it’s better to submit notes immediately after the absence. If a student turns in an excuse note, please take it and submit to the main office ASAP. Please send excused notes the main office every day during period 1.