On a cold and bitter Thursday morning, our OB Middle School runners took over the meet. For the third consecutive year we won 1st place for the Boys and 1st place for the Girls out of 18 schools and 314 participants!! We had 4 boys finish in the top 10  out of 164 boys (3rd Quinn Higgins, Markel Hall 6th, Aymen Blanco 8th, Carlos Garcia 10th). We also had 3 girls finish in the top 10 (Arian Andersen 5th, Jane Yannis 7th, Laura Londono 8th). OB boys average mile run was 6:47 and OB girls average mile run 8:08. We went out and ran around the track every gym class for the last 3 weeks and in the last week and a half, my runners ran everyday even if they didn’t have my class! One day it was raining and they said coach are we going out to run and I answered of course we are, and not one kid complained or even said a word! In the point system, Boys won by 30pts and the girls by 21pts. I am very proud of my students! And a special thanks to Mr. Ortega for showing me the ropes. I just followed what you did the last two Championships! Also thank you Music dept. for letting me pull kids out of music!

Drew Brock
O’Bryant High School
Phys. Ed./Health Teacher
Head Coach, Boys Basketball 
Head Coach, Boys Soccer