Formed in 1974 and made up entirely of current BPS parent volunteers, the Citywide Parent Council (CPC) is the umbrella organization of the 125 School Parent Councils in Boston Public Schools (BPS), and is the officially recognized voice of all BPS parents. Please click the link about for further reading

Who is the BPS City-Wide Parent Council (CPC)

Made up entirely of current BPS parent volunteers, the Citywide Parent Council (CPC) of Boston Public Schools is the official voice of all our 38,000 families. The CPC is the umbrella organization of each of our 128 schools’ School Parent Councils (SPCs), and we are constituted by the elected representatives from each of our schools.

What does the CPC do?

We advocate as one voice for all of our of students and their families

When does the CPC meet?

  • Scheduled meetings are conducted the last Tuesday of the month
  • Who is my CPC Representative?

How do I get involved?

BPS City-Wide Parent Council 2015-16 School Academic Year Highlights 

Events in 2015-16:

Current and On-Going Initiatives:

Build BPS

What is Build BPS?

BuildBPS, the Educational and Facilities Master Plan, will provide a strategic framework for construction and renovation projects in Boston Public Schools (BPS) facilities over the next ten years

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

BPSomprised of 128 buildings, totaling more than 11 million square feet. Nearly two-thirds of the school buildings were constructed before World War II. The facility needs for modernization and repair exceed the resources available to address them, so the City and the school district must make difficult decisions every year about how to prioritize competing capital needs.

Lead in Boston Public School Drinking Water

Get the Facts About Lead in Drinking Water

  • For questions concerning your student’s exposure and testing, please contact Gerry Thomas, Director of Community Initiatives for the Boston Public Health Commission for additional questions and guidance. Mr. Thomas can be reached at (617) 534-2390.


Roxbury Innovation Center

Boston Children’s Theatre

  • Boston Children’s Theatre recently received a grant to work with several Boston Public Schools (elementary- 3rd-5th grades) to establish theater programs.  They are currently looking for schools to partner with – pass it on to your school!