Welcome to the NEW! O’Bryant Gear Store

The O’Bryant Gear Store is operated by the School Parent Council.  All profits support the school and student activities.  O’Bryant Gear is proudly worn by students, staff, family and friends; and most prominently during the School’s Spirit Day (every Friday). 

This year the O’B is happy to be offering O’B Gear 1 for classic gear wear and O’B Gear 2 being offered for customizing your gear needs by Rokkitwear.  Below is samples of the O’B Gear 1 and O’B Gear 2 Rokkitwear shopping line. Take a few minutes to view the many O’B gear increased inventory.

O’B Gear 1

Other O’B Accessories

Pennants, Foam Mitts, or Cheer Sticks
$5   Pom Poms
PAW Tattoos (2 pack)
Lanyards (keychain) $5   Car stickers (any style) $3


O’B Gear 2

O’Bryant P.R.I.D.E !