Team, Club,or Organization Advisor(s) Meeting Date(s) Frequency Meeting Time(s) Location
African American Historical and Geneaological Society Club Ms. Ahmad Mondays Mondays 3 – 4PM TBA
Anime Myriam Hibbard Wed. and Fri. Twice 2:00-300 PM Science building 5-119
Asian Culture Club Dr. Diaz Thursdays Once 2 – 3PM Science Building
Book and Movie Club Ms. Nelson Wednesdays Once 2 – 3PM OR 12PM (Early Release) 826 Writer’s Room
Chess Dr. Lewis Thursdays once 2 – 2:45 Room 3316
Cyber Patriot Mr. McLean Tuesday and Thursdays Twice 2:00 pm – 3:00 Room 3109
Debate Club Mr. Roper Mondays and Thursdays Bi-Weekly 2 – 3pm 3-302
Engineering Mr. Muller Monday and Thursday Twice 2-4 pm 5-100
Environmental and Recycling Club Ms. Pocius and Ms. Kontras Mondays and Thursdays Twice 2 – 3PM Room 3-117
French  Ms.Skone Every other Wednesday every other 2:00-3:00PM Room 2-148
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Ms.Skone Thursdays Once 2:00-3:00PM Room 2-148
Gentlemen Mr. Hines TBA Once TBA 2-137
Greenspace Walking Club Mr. Barry Thursdays Once 2 – 4:30PM TBA
International Travel Society Ms. Nolan TBA Twice a Month 2:15-3:00 pm 2-102
Islamic Art Ms. Mahmoud Every Other Tuesdays Every Other 2 – 3PM 3-229
John D. O’Bryant NJROTC CDR Surges and Chief Barros Daily after school Everyday 2 – 4PM 3-B35
Journalism Club (Teens in Print) Carla Gualdron Thursdays Thursdays 2 – 3PM Writer’s Room (2-109)
Knit and Stitch Club Talia Clark 617-306-5144  Nora Paul-Schultz Wednesday Every other Wednesday 2-3:30 pm 5-106
Korean Culture Club Mr. Christian Thursdays Every Other Thursdays 2 – 2:45PM 3-202
Model United Nations Club Dr. Diskant Wed Weekly 2:00-3:00 pm 3-B09
Muslim Student and Allies Association (MSAA) Ms.Papagiannis Wednesdays Wednesdays 2 – 3:30PM 3-B18
National Honor Society Ms. Tsoutsis Monthly once after Schools 3-108
O’Bryant Gaming Club Mr. Jones Tuesdays and Thursdays Bi-weekly 2 – 3PM 3-210
O’Bryant Girl Scouts Ms. Malden Bi-weekly Bi-weekly 2-4pm 3-125
O’Bryant Math Circle Mr. Henry TBA TBA TBA 3-107
O’Bryant Math Group Mr. Francois Friday once 2-3:00pm 3-B21
Chief Barros
Monthly NJROTC Office
O’B Royal Tigers  Chanel Charles-Gows Wednesdays Weekly 2-4:30 PM Main Auditorium
O’Bryant Wrestling Mr.Hodjat twice a week 3-116
Recycling Mr.Pontillas Mondays & Thursdays twice a week 1:55-2:45 p.m. 3-B08
Rubix Literary Magazine Will Marshall Mondays Mondays 2 – 3PM Writer’s Room
Senior Class Advisor Ms. Sutton Weekly Weekly TBA Mr. Barosy’s Office
Ski and Snowboard Club Ms. Pocius December-March TBA TBA 3-B03
The Roland Hayes School of Music After School Wind Ensemble Laura Bouix, Greg Gazzola one day per week 2:00-3:00PM The Roland Hayes
Service Learning Mr. Muller Wednesdays Some 2:00 pm 5-107
Student Immigration Movement (SIM) Ms. Papagiannis Mondays Weekly 2-3:00 pm 3-127
Yearbook Ms. Evans